This site is made for those students, who are planning to come to Hungary to study. We provide accomodation for all incomers and try to give you practical information about Budapest, ths universities, student life, what you have to do when you arrive like immigration office registration, and we help you to get the first and essential items like a survival kit, mobile SIM card, Internet connection or a Hungarian bank account.

Summertime accomodation

If you are a student and coming to Budapest for a summertime training or to study, please contact Accommodation Office by email ( or fill in the form to give your application details. We prefer to have your basic details like: your name, gender, home university, period of stay and possible details on your training.

Who can apply?

There is no restriction, everyone who wants to come to live or study in Budapest are welcomed to fill in an application form. If you are just planning to apply for education in Budapest and want to find out the price level, just indicate that. We help you to make sure your budget will cover your also your housing expenses under your stay.

Already in Hungary?

Just want to get a better apartment? Better location? Want to find a shared flat? Or want to reduce your housing expenses? Just contact us and we will advise and help you to find what you are looking for.