Budapest Corner site was founded recently by a Hungarian organization to help in the integration and housing process for its student customers who are coming to Hungary to study or work. The transnational migration has caused severe changes in the Hungarian capital city; thousands of foreign students start their international studies year by year in Budapest. To get the first directions towards a new international student life with great experiences is not only important for the incomers, but also for us, Hungarians.

Our organization’s mission is firstly, to make experienceful your stay in Hungary and to help to start smoothly your studies without any barrier.¬†¬†Secondly, our goal is to get people known with the Hungarian cultural life, with Budapest, have an insight into the traditions, the way of living of local people and all the unique attributes.

Our team is made up by six experienced people with several years of practice in field of international studies and local or foreign student life. We have been through on apartment seeking, contract signing, telephone and internet subscription purchasing, job seeking and taxing or even just a simple doctor visiting in foreign environment. We know how time consuming and difficult it can be without knowledge of local habits, language or law.

Therefore, we offer our help for students and expatriates to bridge the preliminary difficulties, to make sure you will have your housing arranged before your arrive; the flat will be in a location where you would like to have it and on a price and quality level which fits to your budget. We offer for our student customers help from early times in local orientation, purchasing your first mobile SIM card or opening your first bank account if you need it. We help you to arrange the immigration office appointment if you are not from the EU, and give guidelines to have a smooth start in this new chapter of your life.

If you need already any answer to a specific question or you simply need to talk with someone about the Hungarian life, please feel free to contact us on the contact@budapestcorner.com email address or via phone. We are to assist you.

Budapest Corner Team